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AI Virtual assistant for proactive task automation

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Can You Relate?

Juggling multiple apps and platforms can obscure our perception of time. Jumping from one calendar to another, missing key events -- our digital tools sometimes hold us back rather than propelling us forward.

Amid this, your phone buzzes constantly. Messages from various platforms -- all trying to secure a moment of your time. With each notification, the stress of coordinating and remembering your commitments grows. Isn't there a smarter way?

Introducing Andy

Tired of chaotic digital scheduling? Andy integrates seamlessly with your favorite chat platforms, recognizing cues from your conversations. A deadline mentioned in Messenger? Andy notes it down. A meeting suggested on Slack? Andy schedules it. Welcome to the future of scheduling, where AI and human communication converge, making planning feel like a chat.

Intelligent Scheduling

With Andy, it's not just about inserting tasks into slots. It's about fine-tuning your day in line with your productivity rhythms. Andy suggests the best moments for tasks and events, letting you capitalize on your most productive periods.

Context-Aware Chats

Interact with a chat agent that truly understands the essence of your conversations. Andy adapts with every conversation, ensuring fewer misunderstandings and smoother planning.

Conversational Preferences

Step away from the constraints of traditional settings. Share your preferences with Andy in a chat-like manner, making the whole setup process personal and straightforward.

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